Anal Cancer

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations AFAO
The bottom line: HPV, gay men and anal cancer

Positive Life NSW
HPV and Anal Cancer
Digital Ano-Rectal Examination DARE

UNSW Sydney the Kirby Institute
Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC)

Breast Cancer

Our United Front: A breast cancer awareness campaign targeting LGBTQ people
>#TalkTouchTest: A breast health campaign for all LBQ women to increase awarenes

Cervical Cancer

Welcome to The Inner Circle
CHECK OUT: LGBTIQ+ Sexual Health Clinic

Positive Life NSW
HIV and Your Cervix

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Shine a Light Cancer Support Group is for gay and bisexual men diagnosed with any form of cancer, those having treatment for cancer and those men who are survivors of cancer and partners of men in these three groups.
Prostate Cancer: Gay and bisexual men