Trans Health and Ageing

Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health ANZPATH

ANZPATH actively promotes communication and collaboration amongst professionals involved in the health, rights and well-being of people who experience difference in sexual formation and/or gender expression.

The Gender Centre, Sydney

Over 55’s Support Service

The aim of the Gender Centre’s Over 55s Support Service is to offer support to clients who are over the age of 55. Support includes frontline crisis and case management, linking clients with other specialised aged care services that are working with transgender and gender diverse people and enable clients to feel safe and secure in accessing these services, provide psycho-social support and opportunities for engagement, enhance the quality of life in relation to independence and self-determination, to promote the needs of transgender and gender-questioning people to aged care service providers, and to provide skills development and training to other aged care service providers, especially generalist services so they can deliver good practice models of service delivery to this unique and diverse community.

Sydney Transgender & Diversity Counselling

No one wants to feel like they’re all alone, especially if they’re struggling with questions about their own identity. That’s why Sydney Transgender & Diversity Counselling was set up. We provide reliable and caring counselling services for individuals, families and couples impacted by gender diversity. So if you do find yourself in that space, you’ve someone to talk to

Hunter Centre for Sex and Gender Diversity

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The Peer Advocacy Network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities ( is an autonomous Australian working group committed to addressing the sexual health needs of gay, bisexual and queer trans men and other trans masculine people assigned female at birth (trans MSM).

Val’s Cafe, Melbourne

Val’s Cafe have developed a range of resources from the Trans Ageing and Aged Care project completed in 2015 from a grant provided by the Federal Government in response to the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy.

Trans Health and Ageing


An evidence-based guide to inclusive services

Gender Is Just Part Of Who I Am

Stories from Trans Australians: Exploring the experiences and needs of trans people for health and aged care services