LGBTI Aged Care Training

We provide a wide range of training and consultancy services to assist you with all aspects of LGBTI inclusion.

We are Australia’s largest and most recognised national provider for LGBTI inclusion, operating across all states. We have a range of solutions to suit organisations of any size, healthcare and service providers, large employers, small business and community groups.

Who we do it for

  • Health & well being services
  • Service providers
  • Community organisations

What we’re here for

  • Training and Development

With over 30 years of in-depth expertise in LGBTI health training and professional development, ACON offers a comprehensive suite of programs to suit individual
organisation/client needs.

We provide learning and development programs to assist health and community organisations increase their knowledge of LGBTI people, communities and health issues.

Organisational cultural change is best achieved when there is whole organisation commitment that supports a shared vision of practice changes. Our training increases understanding of LGBTI communities and their needs, while providing practical strategies that can be adopted to improve the experience of LGBTI people accessing your organisation’s services.

We recognise that having a greater understanding of inclusive practices helps to create a more welcoming environment for LGBTI people and communities, leading to better health outcomes.

  • In-person, e-learning, Webinars

Our learning and development offerings use a variety of activities, media and training resources to engage with participants. Specialising in co-design with community members we aim to address the unique needs of our communities with lived experiences.

ACON’s training offerings are highly interactive with an emphasis on practical skills development, application to own practice, and peer-driven stories.
Our in-person, e-learning and webinar training options may include any or all of the following:

  • Presentation of key concepts
  • Facilitated group processes and activities
  • Quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Group discussion
  • Experiential activities/role-plays

Need ongoing support?

Check out ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs that offer a range of services to assist employers, sporting organisations and service providers with all aspects of LGBTI inclusion.