LOVE Project Community Advisory Group 2020-2023


ACON’s ageing initiative, the LOVE Project, has secured funding from the City of Sydney over the next three years.  

The funding will support a series of online and face to face events with a focus on social connection and supporting LGBTQ seniors to lead healthy, active, and more social lives. Events will be delivered to meet the needs and preferences of our communities.  

We invite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people 55 plus, to join an advisory group. The groups aim is to advise and help co-design events. This includes a gala LGBTQ Elders event to be held annually over the three years. All the events will be delivered in partnership with the City of Sydney and local businesses.  

Register your interest below or contact Russ for more information Ph: 02 9206 2017 or E: [email protected]